AVI-SPL Collaboration Tech Solution Serves Two Purposes at Atmosphere Commercial Interiors HQ

Published: June 27, 2018
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‘Flaunt it if you’ve got it’ is a phrase that Atmoshphere Commercial Interiors can live by, now that AVI-SPL fullfilled their goal of integrating collaboration tech solutions in huddle spaces, one-person enclaves, dual-display meeting rooms and open collaboration spaces.

Photo Credit – Brandon Stengel –

Through these solutions, Atmosphere Commercial Interiors has created an environment that reflects its culture and makes its headquarters a place that team members want to work in and that guests want to emulate.

A Unique Collaboration Tech Concept

Atmosphere Commercial Interiors came to AVI-SPL with a unique concept. Wanting to showcase its rich history and modern approach to the office furniture industry, the company decided to create a new headquarters that served two primary purposes:

  1. To act as a showroom
  2. To act as its own worklab

Essentially, ACI wanted to show its employees and its customers that it is a company that practices what it preaches by using the same products it offers.

The need for this modern office with modern furniture and modern technology solutions represented an ideal fit for AVI-SPL and ACI.

What stood out the most to ACI was AVI-SPL’s versatility. To showcase the office today, ACI needed multiple types of meeting rooms, including large conference rooms, huddle spaces, lecture hall/classroom, and open collaboration tech areas – needing the ideal solutions to match.

Photo Credit – Brandon Stengel –

The Solution

For this collaborative effort, AVI-SPL followed designs from Gensler and worked closely with Atmosphere Commercial Interiors, which had surveyed its staff to understand how its team is working today and how they might be working in the future.

An obvious challenge for AVI-SPL was working as other renovations were taking place and staff was going about their day-to-day operations. Through a coordinated planning effort with the Atmosphere Commercial Interiors project manager and staff, AVI-SPL worked around their day-to-day operations.

The keys to this project were functionality and empowerment. The solutions that AVI-SPL implemented complement the relaxing, open design of the space and its aesthetics. Using these solutions, staff can work as they need to – alone, in small groups, or in larger conference meetings.

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Video displays on both floors of the headquarters go beyond signage and presentation functions. They allow staff to see which spaces are in use, and which are available.

Crestron 4K multi-format presentation systems in the main boardroom and classrooms enable meeting participants to start working as soon as they connect their personal devices to the table inputs.

In order to address audio challenges, AVI-SPL integrated wireless Shure ceiling microphone arrays in the larger conference room areas. The Intellimix DSP suite activates the appropriate microphone channel depending on who is talking and connects to a video codec or PC used for web conferencing.

Photo Credit – Brandon Stengel –

The Impact

Staff has provided positive feedback, as have the clients and architecture and design community that visit the headquarters. Atmosphere Commercial Interiors staff have taken to the new technology, which validates its implementation. Anyone on the Atmosphere Commercial Interiors team as well as guests that visit the space can quickly get to work.

The company was also impressed by AVI-SPL. “AVI-SPL was an excellent partner for us — everything from the product expertise that they brought to the project but also the unparalleled support that they offered our team,” says ACI VP of sales, Greg Whitehead.

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