Haverford Systems & Datapath Deliver Videowall Solution to Philadelphia Area Emergency Operations Center

Published: February 28, 2024
Photo courtesy of Bees Buzz AV Public Relations.

In the wake of recent global events, emergency response has become a focal point for businesses and municipalities alike. The trend toward creating more sophisticated and connected operations centers continues at a pace. In the Philadelphia area, this trend is driving organizations to invest in advanced audiovisual solutions to benefit control rooms of all sizes and scale.

Videowalls play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between data and decision-making in emergency operations. This technology ensures that every piece of crucial information is presented in a visually compelling manner, enhancing situational awareness and response capabilities.

With many 4K and HD video sources to view and manage, reliable control room technology is paramount to smooth operations in often mission-critical environments, as R.T. Chalfant, integration sales account manager at the Downingtown, Penn.-based, Haverford Systems, explains, “Staying ahead in emergency response is not just a priority; it’s a necessity. As businesses and organizations strive to enhance their operational efficiency, the integration of cutting-edge technologies becomes a pivotal strategy.”

The Datapath Control Room Solution

He adds, “One such technology making waves in the emergency operations sector is videowalls and video content management. Utilizing Datapath’s proven expertise in this sector, we can offer customers control room technology that is scalable for operations of any size.”

Emergency Operations Center in Philadelphia 1

Photo courtesy of Bees Buzz AV Public Relations.

With over 40 years of experience in delivering visual solutions, Datapath was selected to power the Center’s 4K videowalls and give operators the capability to display multiple inputs, in different layouts, on a choice of videowalls.

Using Datapath WallControl 10 software, Haverford Systems created a system that allows operators to design their own bespoke content layouts, and switch between them when circumstances and events dictate.

The Emergency Operations Center in the Philadelphia area features three 2×2 4K videowalls, with eight operator terminals managing 20 4K and HD sources. To manage the vast volumes of video data with near-zero latency, Haverford Systems utilized Datapath VSN1172 videowall controller — an 11-slot unit powered by a Core i7 processor and 2 x 240GB SSDs.

Performing pixel duties inside the VSN, the unit is equipped with 5 x ImageDP4+ graphics cards, 5 x VisionSC-HD4 four-channel capture cards, plus a multichannel ActiveSQX IP decoder.

Datapath’s Tech Boosts Efficiency at Emergency Operations Center

Emergency Operations Center in Philadelphia 4 wire rack

Photo courtesy of Bees Buzz AV Public Relations.

To complement the hardware and software, Datapath also provided a full on-site commissioning service to support Haverford Systems and the end user for ultimate peace of mind. “Working closely alongside Datapath’s integrator partners and their clients, our commissioning service offers the ultimate hands-on support,” says Peter Spaeth, regional sales manager for Datapath, Northeast U.S. and Mid-Atlantic. “Full training of the software is provided, and our comprehensive technical know-how is available for any initial system concerns. This level of assurance is a critical component in a control room environment during the first few days of operation.”

R.T. Chalfant adds, “Datapath’s commissioning service gives us an advantage by directly benefiting our clients with the technology for their needs. At Haverford Systems, we have over 35 years of experience in delivering turnkey AV solutions and this latest Emergency Operations Center is testament to ours and our manufacturer partners’ expertise. Operators now have total control, flexibility and reliability when viewing their video content — ensuring that the control room runs at optimum efficiency.”

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