NYC’s Hottest Irish Sports Bar Turns Up the Sound

Published: July 24, 2015

After two successful openings in midtown Manhattan, the acutely and creatively named pub and sports bar Stout opened a third location in the city’s upscale financial district.

The Manhattan hot spot, called Stout FiDi after its new neighborhood, is a 600 square-foot cobblestoned pub that boasts over 65 Irish whiskies and 100 beers along with the same charm and features as its sister pubs, but perhaps a more intimate and cozy setting.

It is designed similarly to the original Stout, including the 50-foot red cement bar, cobblestone floors, stone walls and custom iron work as well as furniture either imported directly from Ireland or custom made in New York.

For the design and installation, local AV integration firm Starview Satellite was brought in to outfit the pub with audio and video to compliment the stylish decor. One crucial part of the AV system was the Symetrix SymNet Radius 12×8 DSP, complete with the ARC-WEB browser-based control interface, which allows owners and employees at Stout to control audio inputs and volume from their smartphones, according to John Paturno, co-owner of Starview Satellite.

Photos of New York’s upscale Irish pub Stout.

The system includes a DJ port, iPot output and video sources like DirecTV and cable. The SymNet Radius feeds audio to six Powersoft amplifiers, distributed to a collection of Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers and Innovox subwoofers. The two audio zones are each connected to one video projection screen, one at the front of the bar and one at the back.

“SymNet Radius 12×8 had everything we needed,” says Paturno. “I/O count, flexible programming, and the right price point. In addition, we got great configuration and commissioning help from [Symetrix’s] Rich Trombitas.”

A Symetrix wall panel remote was also employed to provide back-up control in case staff members with smartphones are not present in the bar.

The system is also equipped with Dante capabilities, and although the bar does not yet have the need to use Dante on the network, this extra feature should make any retrofitting and expansion fairly easy to do.

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