Peerless-AV & DEKOM AG Install Floating DVLED Videowalls In Germany

Published: 2024-02-22

According to Peerless-AV, an installation in Western Germany’s financial district demonstrates that there is no limit to the creative opportunities presented by DVLED technology. Here, international system house DEKOM AG was contracted in August 2022 to build two floating DVLED videowalls in the windows of a 10th floor building, owned by a multinational accounting and professional services firm. The windows spanned three stories high facing out to the financial district of Düsseldorf and facing in to a large open plan, modern and colorful multi-purpose space for company events, presentations, staff team building and entertainment.

The floating DVLED videowalls were part of a broader project scope, fully managed by DEKOM, which included fitting out 45 conferences rooms and special areas inside the building with the latest workplace collaboration and videoconferencing solutions. The end customer wanted something totally different for this 10th floor multi-purpose space; not just any standard videowall, but one that catches the eye and provokes observations on its originality.

DEKOM proposed the concept of two DVLED videowalls that could be raised to variable heights up to 12 m high and lowered off the ground on a lift system. A complex feat of engineering, the installation incorporated a cable chain hoist, lift motor and GENESIS control technology from ASM Steuerungstechnik GmbH. To mount the DVLED cabinets and attach the videowalls to the lift system, DEKOM selected AV technology provider, Peerless-AV. A robust, custom engineered substructure was required that would be able to hold the weight of the total system. All parties worked closely to consider all the potential challenges and propose the best methods to achieve the desired floating effect.

“No other mount vendor could provide the support structure required for this unique and challenging installation,” says Jose Munoz, key account manager at DEKOM. “Working alongside ASM, Peerless-AV designed, built and delivered a special solution. Their expert LED team provided us with detailed drawings that took total load, weight distribution, cable management, power access, ventilation, videowall positioning and other considerations into account. Communication throughout the design process was exemplary so we had complete peace of mind that we were able to deliver the perfect result.”

Installation Details

The installation took four months to complete. Each finished DVLED videowall measures 4.8m W x 2.7m H. At the back of each floating system are six back panels with air vents, attached to three wielded steel frame sections, attached to a custom Peerless-AV mount, attached to four Samsung The Wall IWA 3×3 frame kits.

At the front, Samsung The Wall IWA Series 1.2mm pixel pitch DVLED cabinets are installed in a 6×6 configuration. A cable tray with brackets supplied by ASM attach to the top and electricity is supplied to the cabinets via cable chain from the ceiling power supply unit. Side and top trims provide a professional, finished aesthetic.

The SEAMLESS Bespoke DVLED Mounting Systems supplied by Peerless-AV were precision engineered specifically for this project and were assembled and load tested in the manufacturing facility prior to shipping. The DVLED team provided full consultation and technical support for the ASM and DEKOM integration teams on site. Assembly of the mounting systems was straightforward, once the lift system was installed. The lightweight frames allowed easy attachment to the Samsung The Wall IWA frame kit and the cabinets were hung one by one from the bottom middle upwards. Adjustment on the X, Y, Z axis ensured the teams achieved a flawless flat plane across the videowall surface.

“This was a special project to be involved in and our German team have visited the building to see the floating DVLED videowalls ourselves. They really are impressive,” adds Michael Möller, senior sales manager, Germany, Peerless-AV. “When installing the 1.2pp Samsung The Wall cabinets, the DEKOM team had to be very exact and precise with placement and adjustment. Precision pre-defined mounting locations allowed for quick assembly of each substructure, attachment of the Samsung The Wall IWA frame with additional tri-axis adjustment and external cladding with discrete hardware.”

A Visual Success

The project was completed in December 2022 in time for the official building opening ceremony before Christmas.

“We are delighted that we were able to contribute to this extraordinary installation by DEKOM with The Wall from our IWA series, featuring unique color depth, strong contrasts and finest details. With Peerless AV, we have a creative partner who finds individual solutions for the use of our products in very different scenarios. This pioneering project shows the role that LED installations can play in the transformation of corporate buildings,” says Steven Pollok, director display division at Samsung.

All the lighting and audio on the 10th floor multi-purpose room is controlled by Kramer touch panels. The DVLED videowalls are lifted and lowered separately using ASM manual controls.

Munoz adds, “From a rental perspective, we have completed floating projects before, but this was for a fixed, long-term install and was a first for all parties involved. The end customer put their trust in us and were 100% satisfied with the result. They were overjoyed to see their idea brought to life. Staff and partners have been nothing but positive about the two floating digital backdrops for parties, events and presentations.”

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