This is The Internet: PixelFLEX Video System Portrays the Story of the World Wide Web

Published: May 23, 2019

To bring an understanding of the Internet’s amazing infrastructure—it’s physical being—a worldwide technology leader in Washington, D.C. was inspired tell the story on a customized display that’s more like a piece of art than a basic video wall. That’s how “This is the Internet” was born.

To bring this unique vision to fruition would require the expertise of three different companies: Cincinnati-based Hyperquake would create and produce the content, Nashville-based PixelFLEX would provide the video system, and integration firm Whitlock would integrate all of the technologies together to provide a stunning, engaging and dynamic visual experience for visitors of the tech leader’s headquarters.

The Objective

“The client desired to pair a visually striking digital installation with compelling content that demystified and revealed the physical nature of internet infrastructure,” explains David Berninger, project manager, Hyperquake.

“Since this piece would be a digital sculpture as opposed to a simple video display, we needed a high-definition solution that was visually seamless, versatile, and cost effective; which would allow our client to demonstrate the importance of an investment in innovation to deliver the future.”

The Solution

First things first, an outdated LCD monitor would need to be removed to make room for the modern replacement from PixelFLEX—the FLEXUltra LED protected by impact-resistant PixelShield.

Operationally speaking, the FLEXUltra would be able to provide an ideal visual format for rendering images depicting something as technically sophisticated as the Internet.

FLEXUltra is designed in a high-definition, 16:9 ratio and has a 160-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle.

With fully font-serviceable panels for quick and easy onsite installation and maintenance, it operates with a 3840Hz refresh rate to eliminate on-camera scan lines and flicker, and is available in 0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm and 1.9mm pixel pitch options.

But the design and installation team took the PixelFLEX LED solution a step further by adding some custom touches. [related]

“Since LED video offers so much more flexibility than traditional displays, we were able to open up many more doors to explore the idea [of a digital sculpture], and it allowed our vision for the design to be viable and executable.”

This idea would culminate in a custom fabricated piece consisting of five wood and metal frames that are cleated into the installation server.

“Then, using a robust media server which is tied to a Crestron system for on-demand control, the dynamic content was then created to be shuffled around as necessary and still flow together seamlessly,” says Berninger.

The completed PixelFLEX digital sculpture, called “This is the Internet,” has transformed the lobby of the company headquarters into an engaging, awe-inspiring area of digital grandeur.

By utilizing a proven technology and pairing it with a creative vision, the design and installation team were able to provide a living testament to the impact the Internet has had on our daily lives and provide leading edge company with an equally sophisticated piece of digital art.

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