Visix Establishes Digital-Signage Network At Alamo Colleges District

Published: November 15, 2023
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Visix deployed a multi-campus digital-signage network rollout with the Alamo Colleges District in Texas. The AxisTV Signage Suite solution spans the main District office and five colleges in the San Antonio region, with independent control of local content and network management on each campus.

The Alamo Colleges District had used separate digital-signage software suppliers to support campus communications on traditional displays and wayfinding applications on interactive kiosks. The five-campus collective’s operations office wanted to simplify life for the IT department on each campus by consolidating their two digital signage initiatives under a single software solution, while opening the door to new opportunities.

“Early conversations with campus administrators revealed some very attainable goals that they didn’t realize were possible, such as the ability to display digital signage content alongside wayfinding maps on their kiosks,” says Jason Cain, Regional Sales Manager, South Central for Visix. “They grew more interested when they learned Visix could support advanced applications in the AxisTV solution that their previous systems lacked, including analytics to monitor and measure the success of advertising teams. That inspired the operations office to transition to Visix shortly after funding was approved.”

Deployment Details

The deployment quickly accelerated, with more than 1,050 displays across all five sites showing AxisTV content within one month. That includes up to 12 wayfinding kiosks at each location, depending on the size and layout of each campus. The various IT departments collaborated with the Visix Creative Services team to customize applications for each campus. Thus, they ensured that wayfinding programs met the unique mapping and information needs of each site.

According to Visix, traditional digital-signage displays now highlight campus news, events and programs in common areas and thoroughfares. Meanwhile, the food services department advertises menu items and pricing.

Visix says its cloud-based analytics has helped network managers answer key questions about system adoption, user workflows and content management. Moreover, it has helped managers make smarter advertising decisions.

“Our analytics package provides them with a real-world view of the effectiveness of their advertising strategy, including when an ad was played, its duration and its frequency,” adds Cain. “They understand how to appropriately set rates based on what time the ad runs and how many times.”

He continues, “Just as important, they can tell how often students and visitors interact with their wayfinding kiosks and understand the creative workflow when it comes to who is building playlists and publishing content. The overarching benefit is that our clients can pull back the curtain on the performance of their digital-signage network across nearly every element.”

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