Large-Format Displays Present a Lucrative Opportunity [Download]

In Commercial Integrator’s Large-Format Display Deep Dive report, our editors explore how commercial AV professionals are utilizing large-footprint digital displays to attract people to out-of-home environments and deliver incomparable experiences.

We dive deep into DVLED, tiled LCD videowalls, large-format projection and more, delivering a firmer understanding of which technologies are ascendant this year and how integrators can profit from deploying them.

This report touches on topics such as:

  • Which display technologies integrators deploy most frequently
  • Which verticals boast the most large digital display applications
  • Revenue trends for large digital display applications across verticals
  • Whether demand for 4K and 8K digital displays is growing
  • Whether integrators are getting involved in content creation and management
  • What factors are negatively affecting integrators’ large-format display business

Download your copy of the report now to discover why large-format displays present such a lucrative opportunity for your business!

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