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D-Tools CEDIA Expo 2023 Preview: SI v20, Virtual Reality and More

D-Tools will celebrate its 25th anniversary by showing off SI Version 20, an expanded service management suite and


How Integrators Can Benefit from Virtual Reality

AVI-SPL and Modus VR reveal how using VR-as-a-Service can accelerate and improve the design process for integrators, end


An Integrator’s Place in the Emerging Trend of Virtual Reality Collaboration

Recent announcements from Microsoft, Cisco and Facebook on VR/AR integrations with collaboration platforms give integrators a sense of


Virbela: A Company That Creates Virtual Reality Office Space

Virbela built a software that allows companies to create their own virtual office space for employees using virtual


CommonWealth Partners Brings Virtual Reality Fire Drills to Los Angeles

Virtual reality continues to be used in new ways and across new verticals as it becomes more established


Is Virtual Reality Coming To Video Conferencing?

A smart glasses company is now offering a Zoom videoconferencing app for its products after clients said they


IMAX Leaving 3D Behind in Favor of Virtual Reality

As IMAX theaters drop 3D technology in favor of 2D and virtual reality, the future of 3D in


How Virtual Reality Provides Limitless Education Market Opportunities

Education clients continuously look for new ways to engage students. Virtual reality is a new and sought-after way


Activity Superstore Uses Virtual Reality Experiences to Earn Customers

Activity Superstore VR puts would-be customers in the shoes of someone who pays for their services with first-person


Virtual Reality Spending to Double Every Year Through 2021, Says IDC

Virtual reality spending, as well as Augmented Reality (VR and AR) spending, will continue to grow, according to

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