AtlasIED Wants to Meet Dealers: Here’s Where They’ll Be

AtlasIED says for 2019 it has increased its presence at major and regional trade shows because it wants to inspire AV, security and IT dealers. Here’s the schedule.  

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AtlasIED Wants to Meet Dealers: Here’s Where They’ll Be

If you feel like you’ve been seeing and hearing more about AtlasIED lately, it’s likely because you have.

It’s not just because the manufacturer has been front-and-center talking about its new IPX Series of IP endpoints or its Strategically Hidden Speaker (SHS).

It’s also because it has ramped up its presence in the field, including both major and regional shows and events.

“We’ve found that the commercial integration community needs a mix of both local and major trade shows and events to learn about our products and deliver the very best experience to the end user,” says AtlasIED VP of sales Michael Peveler.

“We respect their busy schedules, and therefore want to give them more choices for education and demos. We need to help them understand how to best integrate and use AtlasIED products in their projects and arm them with the best knowledge and strategies to sell and support our products.”

AtlasIED has a lot to talk to the integration community about in 2019 and it’s trying to get in front of as many dealers as possible in hopes of inspiring the AV, Security and IT integration, and user communities.

Here’s Where AtlasIED Will Be for the Rest of 2019:

Integrated interested in learning more about AtlasIED products and services should contact Peveler (, the company adds.

More on AtlasIED IPX Series of IP Endpoints:

Tailored to the K-12 educational and healthcare markets, as well as corporate facilities requiring a robust, high-tech communications system, the third-generation IPX Series of IP endpoints ensures quick and efficient notification through audio and visual messaging.

Through a Unified Communications (UC) environment or the AtlasIED GLOBALCOM.IP ecosystem, the IPX Series “delivers smart automation, including pre-programmed notifications for common functions like bells and critical alerts,” according to the company press release.

A comprehensive library of pre-recorded messages is available through GLOBALCOM.IP or .EDU, which can be broadcast across the facility or directed to specific zones.

The IPX Series is also compatible with third-party scheduling and communications software including Cisco and Avaya.

The IPX Series uses existing IT infrastructure and offers auto-provisioning once it is on the network. “Talk To Me” interoperability ensures the IPX units can work within any VoIP system

The AtlasIED IPX series takes full advantage of existing voice and data networks while preserving the convenience of VoIP phones to cover important areas that a VoIP handset alone cannot. All of the products in the series are shipping now.

More on AtlastIED Strategically Hidden Speakers (SHS):