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Enplug Digital Signage Platform Integrates with Alertus Mass Notification System

Enplug integration with Alertus enables activation of emergency alert procedures using existing digital signage infrastructure

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Enplug Digital Signage Platform Integrates with Alertus Mass Notification System

Enplug recently announced the integration of the Alertus mass notification system into its digital signage platform.

The collaboration “brings one of the most trusted solutions for critical infrastructure to the Enplug platform, making it possible for users to leverage their existing digital signage networks to quickly disseminate critical safety information in times of need,” according to the joint announcement.

“Even the most thorough disaster preparation can be rendered useless without the ability to quickly and automatically alert people to the danger at hand,” said Enplug CEO Nanxi Liu in the announcement.

“Our collaboration with Alertus gives Enplug users an effective way to use their digital signage networks not only to inform and entertain, but also to protect their customers, students and colleagues in the event of an emergency,” she said.

The Alertus mass notification system delivers instant alert capabilities to customers in the higher education, K-12, industrial, corporate, healthcare, government and military sectors.

Alertus customers using Enplug to drive their digital signage networks now can automatically deliver emergency notifications to their entire digital signage networks.

“Digital displays are increasingly common in a variety of corporate, academic and government settings, making digital signage one of the most effective ways to alert people and keep them safe as dangerous situations unfold,” said Amanda Sassano, director of commercial sales at Alertus.

“Opening up our emergency notification system to users on the Enplug platform extends our reach into an important segment of the digital signage market and gives those users an easy way to keep viewers safe when disaster strikes,” she said.

Existing Alertus users can activate the Enplug integration through the emergency alert app in the Enplug dashboard and by copying the displayed URL. Users can then log into their Alertus accounts and use the provided URL to configure a new alert profile.

In the event of manmade and/or natural disaster, Alertus notifications are pushed into Enplug’s emergency alert app. The alert messages, which include text and images, override default content in the Enplug playlist and instantly appear across a signage network


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