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Why AXIS Communications is Different in the Audio, Video, & Analytics Space

AXIS Communications ties IP video with IP audio & analytics in one comprehensive system. Learn more about the company in this edition of CI 3 Questions.

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Chris Wildfoerster, business development manager for audio solutions at AXIS Communications, sits down with us for another edition of 3 Questions.

CI: AXIS introduced the first IP video camera over 15 years ago — what else makes the company different in the audio space?

CR: We make network devices, take the intelligence in an analog rack, and move it to the speakers. Each speaker contains scheduled messaging capabilities.

Our speakers are all PoE powered, have messaging storage capabilities, speaker health monitoring with alerts, and more.

Cameras with analytics can play a specific message under specific circumstances through speakers.

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We can also convert any passive analog speaker into a networked speaker. We tie IP video with IP audio and analytics into one comprehensive system.

CI: What other new things are happening right now at AXIS?

CR: We have a new surface mount speaker with all existing capabilities, but with a built-in PIR for facilities where employees are constantly using an emergency exit to come in and out of the building; this solution could provide a fix for that kind of situation.

A new networked horn speaker stores messaging and a temperature rating from -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

To learn more, visit AXIS Communication’s website and watch the video above.