The Worst Audio Systems Fails Integrators Have Spotted in the Field

We’re just glad that these examples of atrocious audio systems fails are photos only so we can’t hear what they really sound like.

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The Worst Audio Systems Fails Integrators Have Spotted in the Field
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Audio can make or break a system in any market: in conferencing rooms, there’s no point in virtually communicating with colleagues if they can’t hear you crystal clear; at concert venues, it’s embarrassing for both the band and venue alike to have poor audio. That’s why these audio systems fails are so cringe-worthy.

You don’t even need to be an audiophile to know where these spaces typically go wrong with their AV: speakers are flown precariously; they’re placed in positions which make no sense… The list of errors exemplified in this slideshow could go on and on.

All of these factors add up to wasted money… or worse, an unprofessional look that doesn’t earn any benefits to the client.

We’ve compiled a slideshow of some of the most atrocious audio systems fails spotted in the field by sharp-eyed industry folks who were too mortified to look away.

It’s not as though there’s a shortage of audio technology professionals to choose from.

Our yearly Integration Awards highlight projects which stand out in an industry where looks matter.

Unlike their careless counterparts in the slideshow, these AV installations caught our attention for how well the AV systems integrator understood clients’ unique challenges and how closely they worked with the client to ensure they delivered an effective problem-solving solution.

Click here to see some of the most atrocious audio systems fails

Some useful links for large venue integrators to help ensure none of the horrifying scenarios above are never caused by your handiwork:


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