Absen Announces AbsenICON 3.0 for US Market

Published: January 18, 2022

As the latest conference screen product of Absenicon series, Absenicon 3.0 has been updated to provide ultimate meeting experience for the customers and is available in three sizes: 110, 138, and 165.

Absenicon 3.0 is an all-in-one design that integrates the control system, operation system and sound systems inside one device free of extra traditional control box and video processor. The hidden cable design also makes the whole screen look slim and beautiful.

Featuring a new smart control system, the operation of Absenicon 3.0 is as easy as that of TV. Users are able to easily turn on/off the screen, switch the digital channel and adjust the screen brightness and the OSD menu settings with a remote controller. End users can share their computer or mobile screen by one click. Absenicon 3.0 supports dual systems including the Android 8.0 system and the Windows 10, which meet the diverse needs of different customers. By scanning a QR code, people can share the screens of a computer, mobile phone or iPad while taking notes on these devices during a conference. Absenicon 3.0 can manage to share four screens simultaneously and present different creative ideas.

Absenicon 3.0 can be installed by two engineers in two hours with two installation methods available, including wall mounting and mobile installations. For the maintenance, Absenicon 3.0 is all front maintenance and one module can be removed in only two seconds with a special designed tool, which makes the installation and maintenance very quick and convenient in the actual use.

This all-in-one solution is able to be utilized in many applications including conference rooms, houses of worship, hotels, trade shows, corporate events and meetings, education, and a host of other industries and scenarios.

For more information on AbsenIcon 3.0, please contact your local Absen Inc representative or visit our website at

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