Apantac on 15 Years as a Large-Format Display Leader

Published: 2023-04-10

In an exclusive interview, Thomas Tang, founder and president of Apantac, chats with Commercial Integrator’s editor-in-chief, Dan Ferrisi. They discuss the latest trends in the large-format display space. Apantac is, of course, a leading designer and developer of multiviewers, videowalls, matrices, extenders, openGear solutions and signal-processing equipment.

During the interview, Tang and Ferrisi touch on the Apantac’s 15 years as a company, beginning with one multiviewer to now having over 200 products. These include products for format conversion, compression, extension and scaling for displays. The duo also discusses crystal LEDs in retail environments and the emergence of large LED videowalls for the metaverse.

To watch the full, nine-minute video interview, check out the video embedded below.

As the interview progresses, Tang and Ferrisi touch on all of the following:

  • Apantac’s expertise in format conversions for large-format displays
  • Different display formats (e.g., HDMI, Display Port)
  • Growth in key market segments, such as retail
  • Emerging opportunities when it comes to the metaverse and building videowalls to support mixed reality

Watch the entire video interview, embedded above, to learn about those topics and much more. Thought leadership, such as that from Apantac, will help integration businesses maximize their success in the large-format display category.

For previous coverage of Apantac, check out Commercial Integrator’s website archives.

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