Contemporary Research Showcases American Manufacturing

Published: December 9, 2016

It’s not often you find companies that develop products that are 100 percent made in the USA. Contemporary Research, however, is one company that prides itself on being entirely USA-made.

Each and every product is made in the USA and assembled in the company’s warehouse in Addison, Texas and then shipped directly to customers.

Contemporary Research’s design team has created three products, its 232 ATSC Tuner, its QMOD-HDMI1.5 HDTV Modulator and QMOD YBP2 Dual HDTV Modulator, which make up its MOD HDTV Modulators/IPTV Encoders with Dual Hardware Scalers RF Coax & IPTV Video Distribution solution.

Join Matthew Sittloh, vice president of sales at Contemporary Research, on a tour of Contemporary Research’s headquarters and learn more about the company’s products and what they bring to the table in the video below:

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