CrimsonAV on Emerging Technology Trends at InfoComm 2023

Published: 2023-05-24

CrimsonAV, a provider of complete mounting solutions for the commercial AV market, has more than 20 years of experience in the design, manufacture and sales of professional mounting equipment. Its expertise includes kiosks, outdoor displays and AV mounting products for every vertical market.

Ahead of InfoComm ’23, CrimsonAV sits down with Commercial Integrator to expand on anticipated trends. Moreover, the company underscores the importance of forging meaningful connections at the show. If you’re planning to attend InfoComm ’23, and if you’re interested in the latest solutions for LED displays and mounts, read on!

In this short Q&A, you’ll discover more about CrimsonAV’s journey and what attendees can expect to see from them at the event.

Commercial Integrator: Explain the value to CrimsonAV of connecting face-to-face with the AV industry community at InfoComm ’23.

CrimsonAV: The face-to-face, live and in-person event is a “full” communication experience with human touch and feel that cannot be duplicated virtually. A handshake is different. A smile is more intense. Body language is more pronounced, and eye contact punctuates a live encounter. Being in space with another person adds to the experience. That, coupled with hands-on demonstrations, is key to really connecting with clients. This is the value of face-to-face at InfoComm.

CI: What are the biggest, most impactful trends that CrimsonAV has its eye on and that you expect will shape InfoComm ’23?

CrimsonAV: The technology is always the biggest draw at InfoComm, and we are seeing strides in UC&C spaces with 21:9 displays, as well as interactivity for classrooms and meeting spaces. We are always keenly looking for those emerging bits of technology and the improvements on current models of system components. For us, it’s more about how we can simplify the integration process for our partners to make impactful experiences.

CI: How is CrimsonAV leaning into those trends with its products and solutions? What can InfoComm attendees expect to see from you?

CrimsonAV: Our signature is “Crimson…More than Mounts.” Our focus is on the integrator’s business and how we can help with that by providing a multiplicity of products and services, going beyond the product itself to support their efforts seamlessly and personally. We are breaking new ground in outdoor display mounts, affordable kiosks, equipment racks and a totally new business model for LED that focuses on the integrator, not just the technology.

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