The AV Business Software for Those Who Want Service Contracts: 3 Questions with D-Tools

Published: 2020-04-30

There are a myriad of benefits to using smart AV business software – especially if your goal is to build more service contracts. We sat down with Randy Stearns, CEO of D-Tools, to learn more.

Commercial Integrator: What emerging trends are you seeing in the market right now?

Randy Stearns: Besides videoconferencing? [laughs].

I’m more of a business guy, not a technologist, so when I think about trends, I think about business ones. The most significant trend to me is audio/video as a service. AVaaS converts what used to be a large capital expenditure into a more digestible operating expense. Integrators are paid in full upon completion of the project and is typically expected to include a multi-year service contract.

CI: If, say, 99% of integrators have the tech down pat, but a lot of them get into business because they’re good at the tech. The business side is where they need help sometimes. What is D-Tools doing to help them transition to that business model?

RS: Last year, we completed an integration with Great America Financial which enables AVaaS pricing from within our software.


Our software adds a monthly amount for service contracts, presents a monthly payment analysis, and a scheduled amount back to the client.

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There are different terms of payment – it’s great because the client has an easier time making that decision about small monthly payments, while the integrator is paid in full upfront.

CI: What is D-Tools working on next?

RS: We have a tool within our software which allows customers to make feature requests. We’ve been aggregating that information to make advancements in the software.

This year, we’re working on project and financial management: customizable dashboards by role; user-definable lists; and refined resource planning tools.

Learn more about D-Tools on their website and by watching the video above.

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