Everything You Need to Know About the Strong/MDI Domino Projector Screen Frame System

Published: 2017-10-03

The Customization Features Of The Domino Frame System

The customization options of the Domino Frame are virtually endless. The frame can be used with any of the screen surfaces offered by Strong/MDI for both front and rear projection. By offering the ability to wrap the screen, you can achieve an infinity edge finish or, masked with a black PVC welded border, obtain a sleek, modern framed presentation.

As for size, the Domino Frame offers a broad selection of options. For front projections, there isn’t a size limitation so you can go as small or as big as you’d like. Rear projections can reach a width of 32 feet, which is substantially larger than most standard back-side displays.

You can also choose how you want to attach the frame system. Structural attachment hinges allow you to mount it on walls or implement it into a larger project arrangement, or you can choose to suspend it from the ceiling to make it the focal point of your room. Leg supports can also be attached for ground-level presentations.

What Sets The Domino Frame System Apart

Aside from unmatchable customization options, the Domino Screen stands apart from other projection systems for a multitude of reasons including convenience and adaptability. It offers easy installation and removal, regardless of location and mount-choice of your project. You can also adapt the frame to meet a variety of needs, so while it may serve as a backdrop for this month’s theater performance, you can reuse it for a presentation or art piece for next month’s fundraiser.

Who Can Benefit Most From The Domino Frame System?

The tailored process of the Domino Frame’s construction makes it the perfect choice for a variety of needs, notably for the arts including galleries, museums, and performance venues. Recently, we partnered with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for their Chagall: Color and Music exhibition. We’ve also worked with a variety of theater groups, opera companies, and comedy festivals.

If you’re interested in incorporating the Domino Frame system into your next project, we can help you bring your idea to reality. At Strong | MDI, we take a well-rounded approach to custom projection projects and are involved in every step of the process. Schedule an appointment to brainstorm ideas or to request an estimate by utilizing our contact form, or by calling (877) 755-3795.

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