What is the Definition of Cloud-Based AV Control?

Published: May 10, 2021

Commercial Integrator spoke with Hal Truax of Hall Technologies to learn more about the company’s rebranding, cloud-based AV control, and more.

On rebranding from Hall Research to Hall Technologies:

“We were Hall Research for about 35 years. The reason we wanted to draw a line in the sand and have a point of demarcation is that we’re changing out approach to business slightly. Hall Research was known for making really great products that solved problems inside of a room… We’re now developing hardware and software platforms. Complete holistic solutions that address the most pressing issues in our industry.”

On the Hive suite of products and the definition of cloud-based AV control:

“We’ve got the suite of products, we’re calling it the Hive suite of products, and we’re focusing our messaging right now on education, because education need transformation. We’ve done it through this Hive suite of products and that starts with the Hive Cloud. In that cloud we host the Hive repository, and that’s all the information about the products that are in a room. It can be legacy products, new products, they can be the hall products, we can work backwards-compatible with anybody’s solutions even if it’s a legacy device that wasn’t really controllable before.

“The attempt is to make this a deliverable solution with basically no programming. There’s some configuration, and all that information is in the cloud. So we’ve got less hardware in a room. There’s no need to have a centralized brain in a classroom or on campus. Everything could be cloud hosted, all the data for all the manufacturers is hosted up there, and once an integrator or even a facilities manager sees what they have in the classroom he just pulls that information down from the cloud.”

About Hall Technologies:

Founded in 1984, Hall Technologies is a leader in the Pro A/V industry with a longstanding reputation for providing top-quality, highly-reliable end-to-end solutions. From its research and manufacturing headquarters located in Tustin, California, Hall Technologies provides the next generation of A/V technology across many applications and has been trusted in thousands of installations worldwide.


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