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Published: February 6, 2024

From office spaces, educational learning environments, courtrooms, and live event spaces, technical furniture is a key partner to AV in meeting the technology needs in modern workspaces. While best known for lecterns, Marshall Furniture also offers solutions for a wide variety of system-orientated and Integration-Friendly Furniture® to accommodate these spaces. Our proven and well-respected design principles paralleled with quality craftsmanship, are applied to all our furniture. The result is a huge return on investment for both the integrator and the customer.

Broaden the work landscape and think of Marshall for all AV Furniture needs

Production Spaces

  • Production Desks
  • Mixing Consoles
  • Confidence Monitor Carts

Whether digital or analog, the production environment deserves a premium workspace. Auditoriums may require a stage production desk for lighting control and sound; a stage may require a lectern or confidence monitor cart; and a studio needs to be equipped with an AV console that provides a proper workspace with comfort. Enrich every space with technical furniture to fit the room and workflow, tailored to address the ergonomic needs of the users.

Conference & Boardrooms

  • Video Conference & Immersive Telepresence
  • AV Credenzas
  • Lecterns
  • Training Tables
  • Huddle and Collaboration Tables

Technology integration in the corporate landscape has always existed. Modern-day spaces now require in-person and remote workers to have full access. Speakers and board members use AV lecterns for meetings and presentations, tables are used for video conferences and impromptu meetings, and conference rooms are equipped with AV credenzas for rack and storage. Design every room appropriately for function, user experience, and aesthetics to ensure every space has meeting equity.

Classroom Spaces

  • Hybrid/Hyflex Instructor Stations
  • Media Carts
  • AV Credenzas
  • ADA Wheelchair Accessible Instructor Stations
  • Height Adjust Furniture

The 21st-century classroom is a diverse landscape of technology aimed to improve and enhance the learning environment for educators and students. User equity, technology implementation, and accessibility requirements are key factors when designing a campus learning space. Our aesthetic-minded design solutions for multimedia teaching and instructor stations, AV carts, and collaboration furniture will meet any accessibility, design, or AV requirement, making classroom furniture unique for each campus.


  • Counsel Tables
  • Attorney Lecterns
  • Judges Benches
  • Evidence Carts

Modern courtrooms are a showcase of integrated technology and architecture. Courtroom furniture is designed around various factors, including justice system technology, new or existing millwork, and the budget. Special considerations such as architectural details, size constraints, and custom finishes are often required, resulting in a custom design to match the space. Judge benches, lecterns, and evidence carts are critical pieces of the court space and should be properly designed to reflect the court’s honor.

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