MuxLab on its Improved Digital Signage Solution

Published: April 12, 2022

MuxLab’s recently improved digital signage solution, comprised of the 4K Digital Signage Player and DigiSign CMS software, offers an exceptional user experience and industryleading capabilities.

With both essential features and elements such as interactive mode scripts and gestures, DigiSign is ideal for installations both small and large.

DigiSign’s large library of customizable templates, paired with the ability to create and modify layouts with customizable code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), makes it an ideal solution for beginners and experts alike.

Our solution offers true 4K video with live preview for the ability to see your content exactly how it will appear as you edit.

The dual 4K60 HDMI output ports allow the option to mirror your content on two screens, while our exceptionally easytouse scheduler helps you stay on track and schedule content daily, monthly and even yearly.

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