NEC Collaboration powered by ThinkHub Aims to Take Meetings out of ‘Bored-Room’

Published: October 11, 2017
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Trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and video collaboration have reinvented the meeting, relegating traditional boardroom meetings to “bored-room.” NEC Collaboration powered by ThinkHub offers a solution for organizations looking to create more engaging and productive meetings. [related]

As small businesses, educational institutions and global corporations all strive to grow and maintain a dynamic, competitive edge, two game-changing trends have taken flight with the potential to transform organizational effectiveness across the board: Video/Remote Collaboration (VC) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Over the past five years, Video or Remote Collaboration has evolved from a productivity practice reserved for major business players to a vital tool available to organizations of all sizes and shapes.

According to recent surveys, 85% of workers collaborate in some way via remote teamwork. Traditional, non-remote meetings have fast become “bored-room” events as 45% of attendees report levels of disengagement during such meetings.

Video Collaboration has injected a cure for meeting malaise by bringing together diverse ideas and opinions from across any organization’s geographic footprint. In fact, Wainhouse Research reports organizations used 1.12 billion hours of interactive video content in 2013 alone. Researchers estimate this number doubled in 2016.

Stats compiled by Polycom reveal that 96% of those surveyed believe VC optimizes productivity and increases attention spans during meetings.

In addition, VC has slashed travel budgets significantly thereby reducing employee stress levels and improving time management.

BYOD Practices

The practice of allowing employees to bring and use their personally owned devices — smart devices, tablets and laptops — for work-related tasks is known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

A growing number of employees are not interested in maintaining a dividing line between their professional and personal lives, and BYOD is a natural evolution of this mindset. In 2014, the BYOD market stood at $94.2 billion and is expected to jump to $350 billion within 5 years. In the IT world, BYOD is fast becoming the rule rather than the exception — 89% of IT teams utilize BYOD and 69% of IT managers report higher levels of employee satisfaction and productivity with BYOD.

Clearly, VC and BYOD will dominate the workplace moving forward. Organizations focused on future success must create and nurture seamless, interactive collaboration that transcends location and device compatibility. Maintaining the highest level of productive workplace agility requires a tool that combines the flexibility of BYOD and high-performance of VC tools.

NEC Collaboration powered by ThinkHub is fueling the next level of workplace evolution with a powerful, consolidated toolbox that will transform the meaning of the word “meeting.”

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NEC’s industry leadership in visual display technology and T1V’s revolutionary ThinkHub software have seamlessly melded into a new solution that allows your team to brainstorm and partner across multiple BYOD platforms and devices (Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux).

Your team will share not only the best ideas from any remote location but also pass content, files, documents and presentations of any format as easily as handing someone a piece of paper. NEC Collaboration powered by ThinkHub is the pinnacle of future-thinking teamwork. The world is your meeting room — is your organization ready for the next evolution in “Getting Things Done?”

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