Peerless-AV on the Rise of dvLED Videowalls

Published: April 6, 2022

Peerless-AV has seen a surge in demand for direct-view LED (dvLED) videowall systems as businesses in various industries continue to incorporate digital signage throughout their facilities — in entrances, lobbies, walkways, conference rooms and beyond. In this surge, we see the ongoing trend of seamless digital signage solutions for different companies alike. These solutions provide endless potential for businesses to engage with consumers in new and unique ways. 

dvLED videowall systems can offer unlimited possibilities for configurations — from size and formations customized to fit any space, to tackling concave or convex curves to create a wow factor with ease. Peerless-AV’s lineup of SEAMLESS mounting systems offer solutions for any installation needs. 

The Bespoke Series dvLED Mounting Systems are the perfect solution to create an immersive environment and are completely customized for specific applications. These systems are best for large, complex installations and bring unique configurations to life, such as corners, curves, columns, floor-to-wall and much more.  

Peerless-AV also offers Kitted Series Mounting Systems that are designed exclusively for leading dvLED display manufacturers and adapt to standard, flat videowalls. The Kitted Series solutions offer slim, space-saving and aesthetically appealing designs. With integrated cable management, easy-hang hardware and a lightweight aluminum frame, integrators can quickly and easily build the perfect videowall. Each model has its own specifications and configurations. 

To ensure easy installation and high-quality customer service, Peerless-AV offers start-to-finish project support through the exclusive SEAMLESS dvLED Videowall Integration Program.

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