PoE Solutions to Easily Power IP Cameras

Published: 2023-07-17

Microchip PoE solutions are precisely designed to meet the unique requirements of IP camera deployments while addressing all challenges and constraints in indoor, outdoor and industrial environments under extreme climatic conditions.

Experience the advantages of our complete PoE portfolio that provide:

  • Network reliability
    • Compliant with outdoor industry standards for extreme climatic conditions
  • Plug and play
    • Easy to install in remote, hard-to-reach locations without having to open the units
  • High power
    • Adequately power high-end, multi-feature surveillance cameras
  • Large-scale deployments
    • Multiport midspans to enable rapid deployment of a large number of IP cameras at reduced costs
  • Power management
    • Enable remote management of surveillance networks
  • Power forwarding
    • Daisy chain IP cameras to economically extend network reach

Learn more on our blog about why you should choose Microchip PoE solutions to reliably power your next IP surveillance systems.



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