PTZOptics on Using Technology to Enhance Learning Experiences

Published: May 3, 2022

Technology provides simple solutions to everyday problems. In 2020, there was one very large, universal problem — COVID-19 — and tech played a pivotal role in connecting people to one another. Providing quality education to remote students was one of the biggest challenges faced during the pandemic, but video-delivery advancements like auto-tracking and NDI have done more than provide a temporary fix — they’ve changed the landscape entirely. 

Hybrid learning is the future because of its accessibility and affordability, and lecture-capture devices such as the PTZOptics SimplTrack Lite are the perfect example of where we’re headed in the education sphere. This camera’s auto-tracking and preset zone features enhance learning experiences by ensuring the lecturer and their educational materials are delivered efficiently to both in-person and remote participants. This automated, non-invasive way to deliver high-quality video is quickly being embraced by educators for use during lectures, as well as for extracurricular activities and events. 

The SimplTrack Lite is also easy to integrate with any existing workflow, thanks to a variety of output options, including NDI. With NDI, users can capture and control cameras from anywhere, including both local and remote sites. These remote production capabilities allow education institutions to centralize video production, freeing up resources and allowing hybrid learning to scale. 

At PTZOptics, we’ve seen an increased need for NDI-enabled products that integrate into any video-delivery setup and strive to futureproof our solutions for the classrooms of today and tomorrow.

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