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Hybrid Learning

UM School of Engineering Innovate AV

How Integrators Can Meet Today’s Classroom Needs

With elevated expectations, integrators must deliver an experience that is visual, larger and interactive.

PPDS Philips E-Line in a classroom with few students and professor.

PPDS Debuts Philips E-Line Solution for Hybrid Education at ISE 2022

PPDS will enhance remote and hybrid learning capabilities with its new eco-friendly Philips E-Line 4K interactive display range.

Audic classroom sound solutions

Audix on Installed Audio Solutions

Audix’s M45 miniaturized shotgun condenser mic provides vocal intelligibility and immunity from RF interference.

Shure Stem Ecosystem in classroom.

Shure on the Stem Ecosystem Conference Room System

Shortfalls in classroom audio can have negative impacts on remote learning — Shure’s audio systems for hybrid learning can help.

Brainerd High School, MN Auditorium

How Integrators Are Meeting K-12 Market Needs

With classrooms equipped for hybrid learning, the focus has shifted to integrating large community areas to meet AV needs.

Stephen Heywood, Product Evangelist PTZOptics on hybrid learning

PTZOptics on Using Technology to Enhance Learning Experiences

Video-delivery advancements like auto-tracking and NDI have changed the hybrid learning landscape entirely.

Sennheiser on the Importance of Audio in Higher-Education Environments

Sennheiser on the Importance of Audio in Higher-Education Environments

We chat with Sennheiser’s David Missall about why integrators should consider audio first, as well as the company’s latest technology innovations.

hybrid learning at King Innovation Lab

The Ongoing Evolution of the Hybrid-Learning Opportunity

The contours of in-person instruction, distance learning and how their hybridization offers opportunity for integrators that are willing to play a consultative role.

hybrid learning deep dive 2022

2022 Hybrid Learning Deep Dive

Our Hybrid Learning Deep Dive covers exclusive data, commentary, research and analysis, all wrapped up in a single report.

Projector screen provided by Spinitar showing USC logo in classroom.

Spinitar Solutions Enable HyFlex and Hybrid Learning Spaces at USC

University of Southern California (USC), partnered with Spinitar to set a unified communications standard across its campus.