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Published: May 22, 2024
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Marshall Furniture offers Integration-Friendly Furniture® solutions to various system-oriented production and studio spaces. Our proven and well-respected design principles, paralleled with quality craftsmanship, are applied to all our furniture. The result is a huge return on investment for both the integrator and the customer, providing longevity and reliability for years. Many event spaces don’t always allow for static or out-of-the-box solutions. Customize your space with Marshall.


Mixing and lighting desks in auditoriums are the central hub and will often need a more built-in look that matches the decor of the auditorium. While they are designed to look like a part of the room, function and user experience are of the utmost importance. Users need an organized and easy-to-use console with proper reach to controls and cabling access to and from all points while being concealed from view. Controller preferences and venue security will vary. Some users prefer the mixer to rest on top, while other venues require that the equipment be secured after hours. Your auditorium is not an out-of-the-box space and should be designed specifically for your application.

Live Event Spaces

Live event spaces are dynamic environments that often need to be reconfigured for different events. In such scenarios, having mobile audio mixing and lighting controls is crucial. Our mobile carts, designed to house your mixer and lighting controls, offer the perfect versatile solution to contribute to the success of these events. With MFI, you can trust that our furniture solutions are adaptable to your changing needs.

Control Rooms

Live or post-production control rooms are usually designed to be fixed in place, with all equipment at your fingertips and the racks within reach for production control. While fixed furniture is traditional, adaptable and flexible workspaces are trending. Technical furniture should be designed to accommodate diverse work styles, such as incorporating height adjustments for the users to sit or stand. When designing your control room, MFI will help you think about the user experience and room setting.

Production Studios

Flexible design options and ergonomic features in technical furniture are in high demand. Studios are used for various purposes such as mixing, post-production, editing, mastering, and composing. Being open to adjusting the design based on the users’ preferences is a key component to successful design. It’s important to consider integrating controllers, monitors, and keyboards into the studio desk, as well as incorporating ergonomic options like height adjustment or articulating monitor arms. Having the flexibility to design to these standards will benefit the user experience.


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