How Will Distance Learning Change Post-COVID?

Published: May 11, 2021

Commercial Integrator sat with Joe DiFalco of Shure joins us to discuss how distance learning and hybrid learning environments will evolve post-COVID. See his full thoughts on this and more in the above video.

On technology requirements changing as a result of COVID-19:

“The obvious thing is that most of the technology to this point was really geared toward the results of how they used the technology in the classroom. Certainly there were some schools that were already set up to do some manner of streaming or some sort of hybrid learning, but for the most part the technology spending in the classroom is spent on some sort of content management for bringing remote content into the classroom, sound reinforcement in the classroom for larger spaces, and traditional AV that actually gets used in the classroom by the people in the class.

“Obviously if your students are all at home, or if you’re starting to do that rotating classroom scenario in the hybrid approach where 50 percent of the people are in the classroom at any given time, then the needs change. You need to have that ability to do the things you want to do in the classroom, but then you also need to have the ability to deliver that to the people that are learning from home. Which means that you need to give them the ability to interact with the students and the teacher in the classroom, to be able to hear the teacher and the students, to be able to raise their hands at home and ask questions somehow.  Then there’s some small infrastructure needs with the people at home in terms of what sort of microphone or headset they would need in order to participate.”

To learn how Joe thinks the classroom will change post-COVID, watch the above video.

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