System Surveyor on Enhancing Security Industry Efficiency with Software

Published: 2023-11-17

In 2015, System Surveyor was born with a clear purpose in mind — to transform the design process by capturing essential system information in a digital format early on in the customer journey. Today, System Surveyor, is a game-changing tool designed specifically for system integrators.

In this video interview, Maureen Carlson, co-founder and VP of growth of System Surveyor, explains the origins and functionalities of the the software tool with Amala Reddie, associate editor of Commercial Integrator, Carlson notes with the latest updates, the software now operates seamlessly on both iPad and Android tablets, enabling users to conduct site surveys, document details, and capture images – all within a digital floorplan. Best of all, this information can sync to the cloud for collaboration.

This conversation stems from CI and Security Sales & Integration’s Business Resources Software Deep Dive Report which will launch this month online. In addition, it appears in the November/December print edition of Commercial Integrator + Security Sales & Integration. In the Deep Dive report and here, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of emerging trends, drawing on the thought leadership of category leaders.

To watch the full, just-over-14-minute video Q&A with Carlson, check out the embedded interview below.

During the conversation, Carlson and Reddie touch on several key benefits of the the System Surveyor software. They include the following:

  • A more efficient means of understanding and estimating your customer’s needs, resulting in accelerated sales conversion rates
  • Streamlines project delivery by capturing all the necessary data for your operations team
  • Seamless integration with an integration firms’ existing tools

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