Tigerpaw on Business Automation Software & Bolstering Your Business

Published: December 7, 2022

Dan Ferrisi, editor-in-chief of Commercial Integrator, recently caught up with James Foxall, Tigerpaw’s president and CEO. Foxall provides insight into the critical importance of software in helping integrators run their businesses better, achieve more revenue and mitigate recession risks. The video below captures the complete interview.

In the December issue of CI, the Tigerpaw team offered additional insights into their unique value proposition and how software is revolutionizing how integrators operate, including bolstering their revenue and protecting against recessionary conditions.

Insights from Tigerpaw

Tigerpaw’s full comments are as follows:

With the economy worsening into a potential recession, it’s more important than ever for companies to eliminate costly inefficiencies. These problems are always present, but the consequences of inaction can make or break a business in a rocky economy.

This is the perfect time to implement technology that will help you evaluate your organization for potential cost savings and enhance profitability, while creating some protection in the event you need to downsize or have employees leave. Business automation software like Tigerpaw gives you the tools to make your business run more efficiently, improve your bottom line and maximize your productivity.

For example, time is a finite resource that is incredibly difficult to manage effectively, which is why it can have such a massive impact on your company’s overall profitability. For a 10-person shop, inefficient tech utilization can easily cost over $100,000 a year due to mismanaging schedules, labor or parts. With Tigerpaw, your team can better track time, ensure inventory is available when and where it’s needed, and reduce manual entry. You can get more done and bring in additional revenue without adding staff.

Having the right tools will help you regain control of your expenses, improve workflows and bolster profitability even in uncertain economic times. Tigerpaw’s end-to-end business management platform is designed to do just that. Visit to learn more.

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