Video Requirements for Distance Learning Environments

Published: May 6, 2021

In this 3 Questions interview Commercial Integrtor sits down with James Salter of AVer to discuss video considerations for distance learning environments, the future of distance and hybrid learning, and more. Check out the video above to learn more.

On what teachers and technology managers in education environments want out of distance learning camera solutions:

“The common themes I find are they want real simple, easy to use solutions. Video camera techology that’s easy to integrate with their existing systems. Some of them obviously have the basics they needto have live video production. Whether it’s audio, lighting – they may even have some experience with other cameras. They’ll likely have existing control systems with things like Crestron and Extron. Some of them are using more enterprise or university grade video platforms for cataloguing and serving up their video. Others are using videoconferencing tools like Zoom. They want to have video camera solutions that are easy to drop in, easy to use, and, very important for the lecturers, they don’t have to do a lot of the heavy lifting and making sure this is going to be a smooth experience for remote students.”

On auto-tracking technology offered by AVer cameras:

“It doesn’t matter if they’re wearing a mask or hat or whatever. If they walk around the classroom the camera will actually follow them. It creates a couple of nice things for the school. The lecturer doesn’t have to worry about doing anything with the camera and the AV team doesn’t have to have somebody monitoring what’s going on in the classroom. The camera will just follow people around in the classroom.”

About AVer:

AVer is an award-winning provider of visual collaboration solutions that improve productivity, learning and enrich lives. From increasing competitive advantage for business to accelerating learning in the classroom, AVer solutions leverage the power of visual communications to help people connect with one another to achieve great things. Our product portfolio includes Enterprise Grade USB Video Conferencing Cameras, Professional Tracking PTZ Cameras, Wireless Document Cameras and Enterprise Grade All-in-One Touch Panels for Video Conference Applications. We strive to provide industry leading service and support that exceeds our customers’ expectations. We are deeply committed to our community and the environment and employ stringent green processes in all we do. To learn more, visit the AVer website.

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