Who Should Be Using LG OLED Displays?

Published: 2017-06-22

No doubt about it, LG OLED commercial displays are exciting, and their groundbreaking versatility is quickly changing the ways digital signage can be employed. With absolute freedom from having to be mounted on a wall, they can integrate seamlessly into any environment, becoming an eye-catching focal point that draws viewers, gets the message across and invites interaction like never before.

OLED’s sleek, pencil-thin design allows it to be customized by LG into curved, concave or convex forms, to create a display array that can also serve as a primary architectural design element within the space itself.

Dual-sided flat and curved tiling OLED displays open up new opportunities in placement while saving space too. Images can be the same (mirrored), or swapped, on either side of the display, to attract and move visitors through an area while they enjoy a dynamic multimedia experience.

So with all this potential, who’s been asking about OLED?

Since LG’s introduction of OLED commercial displays at the 2016 Digital Signage Expo there has been a lot of interest coming from a variety of industries.

LG OLED Displays in Luxury Hotels

The hospitality industry has long known LG as the guest room TV of choice. And now Luxury Hotels can enhance their lobby and common areas with LG OLED displays that mesmerize guests while adding elegance to the interior design.

Premium or Specialty Retailers

OLED displays are outstanding for Premium or Specialty Retailers, such as jewelry stores and fashion boutiques, looking to set themselves apart from the competition by creating exciting visual presentations that bring their brand and products to life. Since the displays blend harmoniously with the showroom and the merchandise, customers can completely immerse themselves in a one-of-a-kind experience—and that’s especially important when competing against today’s online retailers. Store designers can incorporate OLED displays into retail spaces in a variety of ways, such as curved walls to delineate key areas, or as easels, where they provide stunning imagery and, when paired with a camera, can become a mirror. It all adds up to a store that customers will want to shop in often and talk about with their friends—generating strong loyalty, increased sales and higher profits.

Transportation Ports

Transportation Ports, such as airports or cruise ship terminals, can use dual-sided OLED displays to deliver important messages to travelers coming or going. They can also be used in waiting areas to provide entertainment and reduce perceived wait times. Arched OLED displays can be hung from the ceiling, completely changing the look and feel of a crowded terminal. As people move, they can feel more relaxed as beautiful images are displayed overhead.

Public Areas and Healthcare Facilities

Public Areas can be greatly enhanced with OLED displays that entertain, educate and engage. They can set a mood, define a space or be used as wayfinding signage. Extended Care Facilities and Hospitals can also employ OLED displays in a similar fashion to elevate their brand image, inform, entertain and provide a relaxing environment for visitors and patients alike.


Museums can bring exhibits to spectacular life with the striking, accurate images revealed by OLED displays. Dual-sided flat displays can assist in wayfinding; custom arched displays can be hung from the ceiling to reveal breathtaking galaxies; and free-standing floor displays can be incorporated into exhibits to provide the audience with a wealth of information that’s clearly seen from virtually any angle.

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