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hybrid work with 21:9 aspect ratio.

The 21:9 Frontier: Pixel Density & High Color Accuracy

Bob Wudeck of BenQ paves the way toward a hybrid-meeting experience with rich pixel density and high color…

Insights February 22
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Sony Projector Firmware

Sony Unveils New Projector Firmware Update for 21:9 Ultra-Wide Aspect Ratio

Sony's latest firmware update brings 21:9 aspect ratio support to its existing line-up of mid-range and ultra-compact projectors.

News December 6
21:9 Collaboration Today and Tomorrow CTT
CTT_Sidney Rittenberg_Jupiter, 21:9

Jupiter on 21:9 Ultra-Wide Displays Revolutionizing Collaboration

CT&T chats with Sidney Rittenberg of Jupiter on how 21:9 ultra-widescreen better fits with how humans process information…

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Marshall Furniture

Redesign Your Front of House, Control Room or Studio In Style

MFI has always understood the relationship between architecture and technology integration. But did you know that MFI brings…

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