SMB security

Will We Soon See Indoor Security Drones in the Commercial Space?

Ring’s Always Home Cam is an indoor security drone designed for the home — but is this small solution also viable in SMB security settings?

drones coronavirus

Will The Coronavirus Boost the Use of Robots & Drones for Security?

Drones can conduct patrols without the use of personal protection like facemasks. Will clients ask for these solutions after coronavirus?

CompTIA State of the Channel

IT Companies Sharpen Focus on Emerging Tech, New Partnerships and Marketing

CompTIA State of the Channel report shows artificial intelligence, blockchain, drones and Internet of Things are emerging as important business tools.

DCC Technology, Stampede, drones, Fireworks, Drones Replacing Fireworks

Boom or Bust? Drones Replace Fireworks in Some Drought-Ravaged Western U.S. States

Drones replacing fireworks by flying to engaging music soundtracks in Arizona, California and Colorado, but where’s the boom?

surveillance drones, drones for security, security robots, security integration

Why Robotics & Drones Are the Real Deal for Security

The ability to extend deploy advanced video analytics, perform scheduled patrols and more make surveillance drones and security robots enticing.

drone technology, production hydrogen drone, uVue

This Breakthrough in Drone Technology Could Impact U.S. Integration Markets

The “world’s first” production hydrogen drone, the MMC Hydrone 1500, was first adopted by UK firm uVue and is poised to upset drone technology.

DCC Technology, Stampede, drones, Fireworks, Drones Replacing Fireworks

Stampede Bringing Drones, VR ‘Live and Local’ in Mobile Showroom

Stampede Live and Local mobile showroom brings emerging technologies to 200-plus spots around the U.S. to help attendees try before they buy.

Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon Ramps Up Security with Drones

Tethered drones along historic 26.2-mile Boston Marathon course will provide additional security, along with thousands of state troopers, emergency personnel and volunteers.

The Future Is Now: 6 Game-Changing Technology Platforms You Can’t Ignore

These 6 technology platforms are converging at an unheard of pace in AV, presenting a future both interesting and challenging.

Drones Over Broadway: UAVs Play Big Role in Paramour Musical

Theatrical applications such as Cirque du Soleil’s Broadway show Paramour has paved the way for UAVs use for live events.