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Extron’s New Two-Input DTP Wallplate Transmitters Support 4K Video

Extron DTP T UWP 4K 232 D and the DTP T UWP 4K 332 D two-input DTP wallplate transmitters support 4K video and are HDCP…

News November 3
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Extron AXI 016, audio expansion interface, now shipping

Extron AXI 016 16-Output Audio Expansion Interface Is Now Shipping

Extron AXI 016, a 16-output audio expansion interface for DMP 128 Plus audio DSP systems, is now shipping.

News October 27
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Why the Kramer, iRule Deal Is a BIG Deal for Control

Control has become a significant aspect of the AV industry. What's telling about the Kramer/iRule deal is that…

Insights December 29
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