Extron Quantum Ultra Video Wall Processor Brings Higher Definitions to Smaller Applications

Published: 2018-05-15

The newly announced Extron Quantum Ultra video wall processor is a 3U, 5-slot card frame that supports a choice of Quantum Ultra input and output card configurations.

Extron says the Quantum Ultra video wall processor incorporates a high-speed video bus that utilizes the same HyperLane technologies as the company’s larger 6U 10-slot Quantum Ultra 610 video wall processor.

“We’re enthusiastic about being able to deliver this new smaller Quantum Ultra video wall processor without sacrificing performance or capabilities,” says Casey Hall, VP of worldwide sales and marketing, Extron.

“With Extron HyperLane technology, powerful processing features and robust, secure operation, the Quantum Ultra 305 is a powerful, yet cost-effective, space-saving solution for small- to medium-size videowalls.”

The video wall processor also offers integrators RS-232 and Ethernet interfaces that allow multiple direct connections to control systems.

A Closer Look at the Extron Quantum Ultra Video Wall Processor

Extron says the Quantum Ultra employs a modular card-cage architecture that integrators can populate with input and output cards to meet the specific requirements of individual clients. [related]

Multiple card frames can be configured and operated as a single system with a variety of displays, including products with different resolutions.

Additional features of the Quantum Ultra include: output overlap, mullion compensation, output rotation and custom output resolutions that provide compatibility with current and future display solutions.

The product is able to deliver real-time video performance via its 400Gbps of throughput through the implementation of its HyperLane bus.

The product also supports high dynamic range (HDR) content, and upcoming formats such as 8K video.

Other user options built into the Quantum Ultra video wall processor include the ability to display sources in windows anywhere within the videowall’s connected video displays and local storage of static content such as logos and maps.

Additionally, the Quantum Ultra 305 video wall processor offers full keying and alpha-channel capabilities and an integrated VNC client that decodes multiple simultaneous VNC server streams.

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