Audinate, Dante 4.1, Dante Ultimo

Audinate Announces AES67 Support for Dante Ultimo Chipsets, SMPTE Support Across Dante Platform

Dante 4.1 media networking developer Audinate also supports SMPTE 2110 across the platform. Both announcements were made at NAB 2018.

600 MHz wireless rebate, NAB 2018, Shure

NAB 2018: Shure Extends 600 MHz Wireless Rebate Program

During NAB 2018, Shure announces that it has extended its 600 MHz wireless rebate program through October 31, 2018.

NUAGE, Yamaha, DAW software and hardware control

Yamaha NUAGE Version 2 Among New Offerings at NAB 2018

Yamaha NUAGE represents ‘unique fusion of DAW software and hardware control’ for audio post-production, music recording and more.

Insight Laser 8K, 8K projector, Digital Projection

Analog Way Provides 8K Projector Solution for Digital Projection at NAB 2018

Analog Way INSIGHT LASER 8K projector reflects latest partnership with DPI that includes Times Square display at the NFL Experience.

VITEC, MGW Diamond, Playout Server

VITEC MGW Diamond Encoder & Playout Server Expands HEVC Offerings

The VITEC MGW Diamond Encoder will be on display at NAB 2018. VITEC says the encoder and Playout Server complete its HEVC distribution line.

streaming workflows, video network solutions, Haivision SRT-enabled, NAB 2018, Makito X, Haivision

NAB 2018: Haivision SRT-enabled Video Network Solutions for Streaming Workflows

At NAB 2018 Haivision SRT-enabled video network solutions for streaming workflows and live broadcast will be on display.

VR360, Supersphere, NAB Show, 12G glass-to-glass flypacks

Supersphere 12G Glass-to-Glass Flypacks Optimized for VR360 Streaming

At 2018 NAB Show, VR360 production studio Supersphere will debut 12G glass-to-glass flypacks optimized for live VR360° streaming.

streaming workflows, video network solutions, Haivision SRT-enabled, NAB 2018, Makito X, Haivision

At NAB 2018 Haivision Showcases Video Network Solutions, Makito X

During NAB 2018 Haivision will demonstrate solutions for live broadcast and streaming workflows including its Makito X encoders/decoders.

Lighthouse Dynamic Series, Direct View LED

Alan Brawn Introduces Lighthouse Direct View LED Displays for Digital Signage

Lighthouse Dynamic Series Direct View LED displays coming to Stampede Big Book of AV Tour stops, demos at DSE and NAB and at InfoComm 2018.

NAB 2017

5 Top Products Launched at NAB 2017

At NAB 2017, Haivision, VITEC, ZeeVee and Leyard/Planar among many to release new products that will make their marks this year across broadcast space.