Integrated Systems Europe, pro AV global

Pro AV is Going Global, Whether You’re Ready or Not

Integrators are facing the choice of whether follow their customers globally or risk losing out. Integrated Systems Europe & others are responding, too.

Global Preferred Vendor Partner

Williams AV Announced as a PSNI Global Alliance Global Preferred Vendor Partner

PSNI Global Preferred Vendor Partner ranking is the highest level of alliance engagement and is limited to a select group of distributors and manufacturers.

tech end users, PSNI Supersummit, audio visual tech customers

Tech End Users Know More About AV Systems Than Integrators Think They Do

Panelists at PSNI Supersummit talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of finding the right integrator for them.

PSNI Global Alliance

PSNI Global Alliance Develops Global Deployment Certification to Deliver Worldwide Standardization

PSNI Global Alliance global deployment certification is mandatory for all alliance members in 170 offices on six continents across the globe.

Engaged Leaders

How to Recruit Top Talent: Engaging Leaders Have to Go Even Further

It’s still important for business leaders to keep employees engaged, but that’s not enough. The most productive employees feel enabled and energized too.

AV companies, AV industry events

AV Industry Events Are About a Lot More Than Telling Successful Integrators How to Change

It seems like a paradox that successful company leaders spend so much time listening to high-profile speakers tell them what to change, but it makes sense.

PSNI Supersummit panel

How to Combine Corporate Culture with AV Technology and Sales

PSNI Supersummit keynote speakers teamed up for a panel discussion on why integrators need to know more than ever about their customers.

Next Recession

How Your Company Can Prepare for the Next Economic Recession—and the Recovery

Economists at the PSNI Supersummit and NSCA Business & Leadership Conference differed on the future of our economy, but both shared tips on how to be ready.

AV Industry Conferences

Why Don’t More AV Industry Conferences Incorporate Virtual Attendees?

PSNI Supersummit harnessed social media and videoconferencing to allow people who couldn’t make it to the event to participate from their living rooms.

AV Companies

Innovation and Culture: New Winning Combo for Pro AV Companies

AV companies and manufacturers need to spend more time and focus more time on creating innovative experiences their customers can’t get anywhere else.