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Great Room Escape

Great Room Escape Customers Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts in Ghost Hotel Experience

Interactive Ghost Hotel game from Great Room Escape rolls out the red carpet for rookie escape artists with…

News August 16
Media Player Videotel
Videotel Digital Signage Media Players

Videotel Digital Signage Media Players Hit 50,000 Deployments

Passing a milestone by which Videotel digital signage media players have been installed in 50,000 projects, the company…

News December 3

Videotel Digital Releases HD2700 M All-in-One Digital Media Player

Built-in scheduler and increased capability for interactivity gives this digital signage player increased functionality.

News March 11
Cell Signal Boosters cellphone boosters Wilson Electronics
girl with curly hair using phone. Close-up

The Key to ‘Boosting’ Cell Communications’ Reliability

Cellular Outlet relies on Wilson Electronics and the weBoost Office 200 to deliver dramatic cell signal and connectivity…

Sponsored June 17

Videotel Media Players Power Haas Brothers’ Edgy Digital Signage

Influential fringe designers, the Haas Brothers, choose Videotel for its industrial digital signage media players for their latest…

News July 29

Videotel’s VP71 Loops Content Stored on SD Cards & USB Drives

The industrial-grade VP71 digital signage player from Videotel automatically loops content to provide users with a low-maintenance communications…

News June 23

Videotel HD2600 Industrial DVD Player Simplifies Digital Signage

Videotel Digital announces its easy-to-use HD2600 industrial DVD player.

News April 28
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