Collaboration Today and Tomorrow

Screenshot of Commercial Integrator and Yorktel interview poster.

Yorktel’s Ken Scaturro on the Future of Collaboration

Scaturro, who sits on the IMCCA Board of Directors, is a thought leader on topics ranging from cybersecurity to conferencing.

Laptop and school desk on blackdesk in classroom. Online education and e-learning concept. Home quarantine distance learning. 3d illustration

Distance Education: What We Learned, What Works and What Doesn’t

Preconceived notions are out the window as education institutions embrace equity, inclusion and multi-modal learning.

LG Business Solutions on Hybrid Work

LG Business Solutions on Technologies for Hybrid Work

LG Business Solutions’ Kevin Schroll, senior manager GTM, offers details about how to roll out and refine your hybrid-work model.

Commercial AV in a WFH World

The lines between commercial and residential AV are constantly blurring with the emergence of the home office spurring these changes even faster.

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Celebrating Outstanding Industry Members

Across age ranges, backgrounds and lived experiences, members of the commercial AV industry reflect on the pandemic, working from home and their unique personal journeys.

Person with a home studio setup on video call.

Upgrading Your Home Office to a Home Studio

Should you ‘studio-ify’ your home office?

Interior of a smart home with a security system on the wall.

The Future of Design is Smart

Understanding both the enterprise-integration domain and the residential-integration world is an obvious way for integrators to stand out.

Commercial AV in a Work-from-Home World

Is there a place for our professional-grade technology in people’s personal WFH setups?

closeup of a wireless router and a person using smartphone on living room at home office

Securing Your Home Office: A Walkthrough Guide

Options include relying on a trusted integrator partner, utilizing enterprise resources or drawing on workers’ own savvy.

women working at home office

Is Commercial AV Invading Residential AV’s Turf?

The lines of delineation are blurring, and they’ll continue to do so as people juggle home-office systems and smart-home systems.