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LG Business Solutions on Hybrid Work

LG Business Solutions on Technologies for Hybrid Work

LG Business Solutions' Kevin Schroll, senior manager GTM, offers details about how to roll out and refine your…

Video October 20
collaboration tools Hybrid meeting equity Remote Work
Vector of person collaborating on a videoconferencing platform.

Meeting Equity: How to Achieve Post-Pandemic Workplace Satisfaction

Meeting equity is key to creating a collaborative and fair digital environment that works for all employees.

Insights October 17
Augmented Reality Collaboration Hybrid hybrid meeting Hybrid Work NewTek Virtual Reality

Into the Hybrid Future: Full Speed Ahead

How to navigate the ongoing digital transformation two years after COVID-19’s onset.

Insights August 15

Microchip PoE Technology Powers Networks

Discover the utilization of Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology in network infrastructure.

Sponsored June 19
Collaboration Crestron Hybrid Microsoft Teams Panels Video Conferencing
VSGI Williams

VSGi Helps Fortune 500 Company Standardize Meeting Rooms with Crestron Flex

When an integrator and a vendor partner come together, clients can achieve heretofore-unattainable levels of success.

News July 7
AVIXA Economy Hybrid InfoComm 2022
InfoComm 2022 Logo

InfoComm ’22 Blog: Economic Headwinds and Tailwinds

CI's editor offers a synopsis of AVIXA's latest market research and what it indicates about commercial AV's growth…

Insights June 10
Almo E4 E4 Evolution E4 Experience E4v Hybrid virtual conference
Almo E4 Experience Dallas poster

Almo Reveals Details of E4 Dallas Hybrid Event

Almo has announced details for its upcoming hybrid event, E4 Dallas, which will feature live holographic presenters.

News November 17
Hybrid Hybrid Work

How AV Business Leaders Can Convince Reluctant Employees to Return to Work

Workplace trends expert Rick Grimaldi says the carrot is much more effective than the stick when asking your…

Insights June 2
AV-over-IP AVoIP Hybrid Hybrid Work

How AV Integrators Can Become More Involved in the Future of Control Rooms

Datapath releases Aetria, a system to help AV integrators with design, management and operation of control rooms—wherever they…

Sponsored May 25
CEDIA Hybrid Hybrid Work
Logo of IMCCA, host of Collaboration Week New York.

IMCCA Announces Strategic Partnership with CEDIA Expo

IMCCA partnership will introduce work from home and resimercial technology programming at CEDIA Expo 2021.

News May 13
Coronavirus COVID-19 Hybrid Hybrid Learning Hybrid Work

Exploring the Future Economy and Opportunities for Growth in AV

PSNI Supersummit keynote speaker Andrew Busch targets areas where AV integrators should be focused and how they can…

News May 10
Coronavirus COVID-19 Hybrid
Newnan Presbyterian

Marshall PTZ Cameras Deliver UHD Images for Newnan Presbyterian Church’s Live Streams

STRATA specified and installed the Marshall CV730 to help maximize online worship experience throughout the pandemic.

Projects April 22
Distance Learning E4 Evolution E4v Hybrid Hybrid Learning
Distance Learning

Distance Learning Cemented as a Long-Term Piece of the Education Puzzle

NSCA roundtable at virtual Almo E4 Evolution says school districts and universities are preparing for permanent distance learning…

News April 19
Coronavirus COVID-19 Hybrid Hybrid Work
remote worker

Remote Workers Should Be Paid the Same as Office-Based Colleagues

Workplace trends expert says businesses could face lawsuits if they base employee pay on where they work, but…

Insights April 12
Hybrid Hybrid Work
Hybrid Work

How Will AV Integrators and Manufacturers Handle WFH Policies for Their Employees?

Many companies are becoming more accepting of employees who want to work from home now that the concept…

Insights April 7
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