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Published: October 20, 2022

The hybrid-work revolution continues to be extremely topical today, with businesses and employees alike trying to find ways to ensure productivity and increase satisfaction. To learn more about technologies for hybrid working, Dan Ferrisi, editor-in-chief of Commercial Integrator, sought insights from LG Business Solutions. His conversation with Kevin Schroll, senior manager GTM, which is presented below, offers detailed information about how to roll out and refine your hybrid-work model.

During their conversation, Schroll touches on a range of topics, including delineating some of the specific things that businesses can do to ensure their remote/hybrid staff are outfitted with proper productivity and collaboration tools at home. This is particularly important because, even as many workers have long since returned to the office, most of them only commute in part time.

Supporting a Wider Range of Needs

The discussion also touches on how IT decision-makers can ensure companies have technology that can support a wider range of worker situations and needs. Those include not only the aforementioned hybrid schedules, of course, but also fully remote employees. What’s more, Schroll identifies some of the available tools to facilitate meetings between in-person and remote team members.

As their conversation rolls on, Schroll and Ferrisi acknowledge that, today, the corporate office is just one of many places we might work on a given day. This transition occurred naturally for many companies, thanks to the increasing preference for laptops that afford greater flexibility than desktop computers do. That flexibility manifests both within office spaces and when working remotely. In the video, Schroll highlights the features that companies should consider when purchasing laptops for employees.

What’s more, Schroll acknowledges that monitors have evolved to be more ergonomic, as well as to offer special features that provide much larger digital workspaces. In the video, he explains what IT managers should realize about today’s workforce’s expectations for their technology when working in the office.

The conversation concludes with Schroll’s overall recommendations of what companies should consider as it relates to hybrid-office workspaces.

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