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net neutrality repeal, meeting room technology

How Net Neutrality Repeal Affects Meeting Room Technology

Since the FCC voted for net neutrality repeal, most speculation has been about how it will affect streaming,…

Insights December 18
FCC Net Neutrality
FCC Wireless Spectrum Auction, Sennheiser

How the FCC Wireless Spectrum Auction Outcome Affects Your Wireless Microphone Systems

AV integrators, event-production support vendors and manufacturers like Shure and Sennheiser prepare for a changed reality in the…

News May 19
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Trump’s Policies Will Definitely Impact Tech Industry, But How?

President-elect Donald Trump's Internet, small business, corporate and oversees manufacturing policies are analyzed.

Insights November 16

Ubx Series: Precise Coverage in a Passive Column

Renkus-Heinz’s multi-award winning UBX Series brings expert beam-steering capabilities into the realm of passive arrays.

Sponsored May 27
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What a Zoltan Istvan, Yes, Zoltan Istvan, Presidency Would Mean for Your Business

Technology integrator Bruce Kaufmann doesn't like politicians. But pressed for the best candidate for his industry in the…

Insights October 25
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The Ugly Truth Behind Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s Tech Policies

Candidates have demonstrated lack of knowledge and even interest in cybersecurity, information sharing on road to the White…

Insights October 25
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Why Integrators Need to Educate Lawmakers on AV and IT

Do you have government lobbyists? No? Then listen up. It's time you start talking to local representatives about…

Insights October 29
Broadcast NAB Net Neutrality

FCC Chairman Wheeler Hints at Longterm Net Neutrality Plan at NAB

Tom Wheeler, chairman of the FCC, spoke of his background in broadcast and the upcoming Incentive Auction at…

Insights April 20
IP Enabling Devices Legal & Regulations Net Neutrality

What’s Missing in 313 Pages of Net Neutrality Rules?

Having finally read the elusive Net Neutrality rules document,'s Josh Srago pulls no punches in his latest…

News March 19
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Net Neutrality and the New Reality of Who Might Get Sued

Inside the FCC's Communications Act and what it means for integrator services like video conferencing, unified communications and…

News February 11
4K AV Nation CI Summit Net Neutrality

Bridging Generational Gaps at CI Summit 2014

AV Nation's "live from CI Summit" podcast delves into 4K, net neutrality, generational leadership and other conference topics.

Insights November 20
AV Nation InfoComm Net Neutrality

What Does Net Neutrality Mean for AV?

Industry pros sit down at InfoComm 2014 to discuss the debate over Net Neutrality and the potential impact…

News June 19
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