What a Zoltan Istvan, Yes, Zoltan Istvan, Presidency Would Mean for Your Business

Published: 2016-10-25

The question of which presidential candidate is best for our technology integration industry is very narrow.

There is nobody on the ballot that is good for technology innovation as a whole.

First, let me frame my opinion by stating clearly that politicians are the collective scourge of the U.S. and are horrible examples of leadership. I don’t like them!

So don’t take anything I say beyond this paragraph as any type of endorsement. This is very narrowly about noting who is better for technology.


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Taking net neutrality, all except Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton are against regulation of the Internet. She is the only one that supports net neutrality which impedes through regulation technology advancement.

Any candidate that supports the FCC decision is, in theory, anti-technology advancement and, in turn, is not favorable to our industry.

Candidates that did not make the general election cut were more favorable to technology advancement and as a byproduct our industry.

Jeb Bush for one is very pro technology and focused on putting resources toward improving necessary technology infrastructure. Rick Perry, Ben Carson and Bush have been specific on the expansion of distance or digital learning and education being expanded and funded.

Before You Complain that We Should Stay Out of Politics …

This is an opinion piece written by an audience member. This column represents the writer’s opinions and does not represent those of Commercial Integrator. Our goal is to provide diverse opinions for our audience.

This is obviously good for our industry.

Any political figure that wants to create more federal oversight or regulations and legislation on technology as a whole is bad for technology and, in turn, bad for industry.

The FCC’s usefulness has come to an end and only creates the opposite of what it states as its purpose—protecting consumers.

Truly our industry’s best candidate would have been Zoltan Istvan, the leader of the Transhumanist Party. While that party’s ideas put technology and science at the forefront you could argue it might be short on issues just as important to our country’s overall long-term well being.

Bruce Kaufmann is president and CEO of Human Circuit.

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