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Hacker with computer symbolizing cyberattacks against Tech Service Providers, Microsoft Okta Lapsus$

What We Know So Far About Okta, Microsoft and Lapsus$

Microsoft and Okta are investigating after Lapsus$ hacking group posts screenshots of purported security incidents.

News March 22
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Cybersecurity Russia Ukraine

10 Things System Integrators Can Do To Harden Cyber Defenses Amid The Russia-Ukraine Conflict

With cyberattacks stemming from the Ukraine crisis possibly spilling over into the West, here are 10 cybersecurity steps…

Insights February 28
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cybersecurity terms integrators should know

Cybersecurity Basics: Terms & Definitions Integrators Should Know

Malware. Phishing. Password attacks. What’s the difference, anyway? Everyone involved in system integration would benefit from knowing these…

News November 29
Midwich Starin The Farm AV value-added distributor
Starin and The Farm logos

Emphasizing Value in Value-Added Distribution

Midwich’s acquisition of The Farm has empowered Starin to deliver a menu of services that bolsters resellers’ businesses…

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Cybersecurity DDoS Ransomware
A digital key lock in blue light against a black background.

Ransomware Actors Leveraging DDoS Attacks, Report Says

Service providers are increasingly popular targets for cybercriminals and DDoS-related hacking campaigns, report says.

Insights September 23
Cybersecurity Kaseya Ransomware
A digital key lock in blue light against a black background.

Report: MSPs, Service Providers In Hackers’ Crosshairs

Service providers like MSPs and AV integrators should be on high alert after the Kaseya attack, security experts…

Insights August 9
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Study Shows Ransomware Attacks Have Long Term Effects, Can Be Avoided

Keeper Security performed a study that showed just how unprepared and uneducated organizations are when it comes to…

Insights July 20
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Sound Sanctuary Bose

Bose Confirms Ransomware Attack; Did Not Pay Ransom

Bose says it was able to limit the impact of the ransomware attack and the company did not…

Insights May 27
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Report: Six Ransomware Gangs Bank Up To $45 Million So Far This Year

As ransomware runs amok on the internet, is your integration firm ready to defend against and respond to…

Insights May 19
Cybersecurity Ransomware

Protect Your Clients With New Cyber Solutions Like NeuShield

Rather than trying to detect ransomware attacks, NeuShield reverses that damage and helps organizations recover data immediately.

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