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Dr. Chris Kuehl speaking at BLC

What About the Economy Has Changed for Integrators?

A recap of Dr. Chris Kuehl’s midsummer update for integrators, explaining current employment data, construction numbers and supply-chain…

Insights October 10
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The Morning Toast - Dr. Chris Kuehl Technology Economist

Podcast: Industry Economist Dr. Kuehl on Recession Threat

This edition of the Monthly Morning Toast focuses on recession fears. The program presents Dr. Kuehl's views on…

Insights July 18
Economy Recession
Small AV Businesses

How Small Businesses Can Survive a Prolonged AV Recovery

With market research indicating a slow recovery, small integration firms should continue to stay nimble and bridge the…

July 14
Midwich Starin The Farm AV value-added distributor
Starin and The Farm logos

Emphasizing Value in Value-Added Distribution

Midwich’s acquisition of The Farm has empowered Starin to deliver a menu of services that bolsters resellers’ businesses…

Sponsored July 17
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AVEC 2019

I Left AVEC 2019 With Three Key Takeaways

Integrators need to expand to new lucrative markets, find a way to attract new talent and focus on…

Insights November 11
B2B Marketing Exchange
B2B Marketing Exchange East