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Tracking Audiovisual ROI for Tech Projects: Read How from Industry Pros

Tracking the audiovisual ROI on tech projects is more than just important data; it’s essential to a fulfilling use of project funds.

audiovisual ROI

Audiovisual ROI: What to Talk to Clients About on the First Phone Call

Before your clients invest in new technology, it’s important to figure out their what they’re really intending and how to track their audiovisual ROI.

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Take Ownership of Customers’ Technology Adoption and ROI

By identifying the right tech decision makers and asking the right questions, integrators can improve customers’ technology adoption and return on investment (ROI).

Digital Signage Strategy

Developing a Strategic Plan for a Digital Signage Network

Free webinar outlines keys to a successful digital signage strategy, ways to understand the ROI of your installation and looking beyond physical aspects of the job.

IoT Best Practices

The Most Important IoT Best Practices: Understanding ROI and Security

ROI and security are the two most important factors driving IoT adoption, but also present the two biggest risks to adopting IoT best practices.

Forget ROI, There’s a Better Way to Determine Investment Value

The standard cost-benefit analysis of ROI doesn’t work in all situations, especially with the technology space changing so rapidly today. It’s time to look at another formula, called value on investment (VOI).

2014 CI: State of the Industry Report

65 percent of firms grew their revenue last year. To continue that growth, however, integrators must evolve in four strategic areas.

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