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Command and control room vignette at NEC Briefing Center.

Importance of Being Battle-Tested in the Command & Control Market

When it comes to AV in the command & control market, it’s too important to fail. That’s why NEC takes pride in its experience and strategic partnerships.


tvONE Introduces Several New Products from CORIO Family at ISE 2018

ISE 2018 stand packed with tvONE new products this week in Amsterdam, including CORIOmaster, CORIOview and CORIOmatrix and CORIOgrapher demo.

multi-window processor, CORIOview, tvONE

tvOne to Release New CORIOview Processor at ISE 2018

At the ISE 2018 trade event in Amsterdam, tvONE will showcase its CORIOview multi-window processor, 4K matrix routers and HDMI 4-port output module.

tvONE Has Solution for Rack Installation of Small Devices

tvONE’s ONErack powered mounting system is manufacturer agnostic and converts devices via slide-in modules.

Set Up Custom Video Walls More Quickly with tvONE’s CORIOgrapher 2.0

tvONE adds 4K output modules for CORIOmaster and CORIOmaster mini and unleashes CORIOgrapher 2.0 software.

tvONE Releases CORIOcontrol Software Available for C2-2×55 Series

PC-based application from tvONE allows remote management of system settings and control configurations.

CORIOmatrix Mini From tvONE Debuts at ISE

The CORIOmatrix Mini was developed due to the success of the company’s CORIOmaster mini video wall processor to meet the need for powerful, small-footprint solutions.

tvONE Advances HDBaseT Output Module for CORIOmax Processors

The module can now auto-detect the receiver connected to the system and configure itself without user intervention.

tvONE Showcases Future Warping Capabilities at InfoComm

A mini windmill video wall showcases tvONE’s high-powered CORIOmaster video processor at InfoComm 2014.

tvOne Amps Distribute Up to Eight HDMI Signals

The 1T-DA-670 series of distribution amplifiers from tvOne are capable of handling signals including 480i/576i, 1080p and 4K.

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