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Everbridge mass notification

The Mass Notification Platform Securing Super Bowl 55

Super Bowl 55 host city has utilized the Everbridge mass notification platform five times to keep fans safe and informed.


Trane Introduces Wellsphere for Indoor Environmental Quality and Building Wellness

Wellsphere offers ‘holistic approach to building wellness’ with ‘healthier indoor spaces by enhancing air quality, lighting and acoustics.’

Healthy Buildings Solutions

Honeywell and Signify Team Up to Deploy Integrated Lighting Solutions

Honeywell adds Signify’s lighting systems and software to its Healthy Buildings solutions to improve experience, productivity and well-being

av leaders, employee stress, Video Calls Distracting

5 Ways AV Leaders Can Eliminate Stress and Reboot for Change In 2021

Workplace culture expert Joel Patterson outlines the ways savvy AV leaders can help themselves and their employees in the new year.

Crisis Management

Tips on Improving Your Company’s Crisis Management Plan

The need for crisis management won’t go away when the pandemic does so make sure your plan is one that actually improves things.

AV employees

These Stressed-Out U.S. Cities Are Feeling Even More Burden During Pandemic

AV integration leaders need to do everything they can to ensure employees’ well-being is intact, especially during a time of uncertainty.


NuWave Launches OxyPure Air Purifier School Donation Program to Help Battle Coronavirus

NuWave donates 100 OxyPure air purifiers to Help Support in-person classroom instruction in the nation’s schools during COVID-19 pandemic.

AV tech trends

Exploring the Latest AV Tech Trends in Entertainment and Hospitality

Mobile technology, facial recognition, biometrics and robots are a few tools that have made great leaps forward during COVID-19 pandemic.


Rockubut and InsultBot Find Unique Ways to Help People Do Important Things

Rockubot is half-vacuum, half-boombox while InsultBot sends increasingly snarky and sarcastic messages to friends and family members until they vote.

Working in a COVID Era Should Spur Major Changes Across Business Landscape

Pandemic presents opportunities for leaders to make major changes to how and where business is done—and integrators can play a major role.