3 Questions on Atlona’s Home Office Technology

Published: 2020-11-06

Adam Griffin of Atlona joins us for another episode of CI 3 Questions to focus on a topic integrators need to nail for their corporate and education clients: the home office technology package.

Commercial Integrator: Remote work might not stop after COVID. What tech should go into a full-time home office?

Adam Griffin: What we’re learning is as we evolve our remote work, we have to enhance the end points which capture sound and picture professionally and in a high-quality manner.

CI: Laymen employees might not realize that the tech you have at home isn’t going to be perfect for work. Why is it necessary to have something better than your cable company’s router and a laptop in the home office?

AG: When we made this remote work shift, we mastered the use of our soft codec conferencing platform but started to realize we needed a way to sound better, listen better, and look better to create a more polished presentation.

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We’ve recently brought to market some new, high-quality cameras better than what comes standard in laptops. The resolution, viewing angle, and overall presentation is much better in these cameras.

CI: How should that home office technology interact with what’s already in the office?

AG: We are decentralizing as a workforce. The continued evolution of PTZ platforms will help businesses more effectively achieve their remote work experience goals.

We always want to project the best image of ourselves and our company, and that mission has to continue at home.

We’ve just released a desktop PTZ camera with HDMI and USB 2.0 simultaneous outputs. You’re able to see what you look like while streaming a high-quality image.

Those interested in learning more about Atlona’s at-home offerings can visit their website and watch the video above.

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